tiny big moments is a local/travel blog from the heart of San Francisco by Jade Meneguel.


what I will find in this blog? 
photography, travel and fashion are keywords for this blog. You will find articles about travel and cool places to visit, outfits of the day, websites reviews, road trips around California and photography tips. 

ok but, what else? 
Made in San Francisco, a lot about the
"City by the Bay" is also here: what you can do and find for free, what is cool about each neighborhood, the best places to eat, reviews from stores and art exhibitions, hidden gems in the city, customized itineraries, non-touristic places to go and take the perfect selfie (yes, we do have a bunch of nice things besides the Golden Gate bridge).

which camera do you use? 
all photographs is taken with my Canon T6i (15-55mm / 85mm lens) or with my iPhone X

cool! and what about this blog's name? 
the blog's name is to remind everyone that little moments can be of great importance in life. Sometimes they become cherished memories that are a huge part of who we are and will be. Seeing the beauty and joy on everyday things depends on you, but maybe when you read someone else's moments, you might get inspired to create new ones or be reminded of your own, that's why the blog is called tiny big moments.

pretty smart! how can I contact you? 
Thank you! Feel free to get in touch using my contact form on the right or send me a email: jademeneguel@hotmail.com

last but not least, do you do partnerships? 
yeah, yeah!


get in touch!

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