The moment enjoying ourselves company

This was a day way better than I've imagined it would be. 

It's incredible how we don't need lots of things to be happy and the little moments really are the best ones. I needed to start this post saying how glad I am to realize that so soon in my life. And the funny thing is: you only realize how good the moment was when your day has ended, you don't often notice when they're happening, it's magical.

As I already said here before, every 16th of each month my boyfriend and I go out to celebrate our anniversary and this time was way different of anything we've done in almost 8 years of relationship. Instead of fancy restaurants and getting all dressed up to have a nice night together, we did exactly the opposite, we enjoyed the day with each other company at the our favorite park, Mission Dolores

We packed our daily-favorites in a backpack - camera, book, Coca-Colas -  and spent a nice time together just sitting there, enjoying the sun, chatting, watching people having fun, dancing, doing exercises and of course, celebrating our day. I also did lots of stretching and practice my yoga. It was a beautiful day for that. 

Entire look from Forever 21: Strappy Top + Muscle Tee + Leggings

Yoga pose: Advanced Camel (Ustrasana) variation.

Yoga pose: Scale (Tolasana). Good for your abs and arms.

Yoga pose: Advanced Camel (Ustrasana). Good for your back bend and hip opener.

Yoga pose: Lotus Cobra (Padma Bhujangasana) with inverted hands. Good for your back bend, hips opener and wrists. 

Oh! And it was my very first time that I tried some chocolate/espresso-bomb. I named it that way, have no idea how they are called. Sure a thing to be remembered.